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Wrap Your Boring Hot Dog in Spam, Nori, and Sushi Rice

Two processed meats are better than one.

by Munchies Staff
Aug 25 2017, 7:00pm

Taking Hawaii's iconic Spam musubi to heretofore unknown heights, MUNCHIES own culinary director, Farideh Sadeghin, did the unspeakable and merged the humble hot dog with Spam musubi, thereby creating the Spam musubi hot dog.

RECIPE: Spam Musubi Hot Dog

In Hawaii, Spam in sushi is super popular; in fact, Hawaii residents are said to consume more Spam than anyone else in the world—on average twelve cans of Spam per person per year. Spam musubi—Spam on rice wrapped in seaweed strips—is ubiquitous in the fiftieth state, but sometimes, two bangs for the buck, namely hot dogs and Spam, are what you really want.

Part sushi, part all-American ball field treat, the Spam Musubi Hot Dog is a hybrid of the first order, a mutt you will definitely learn to love. Who needs a basic bun when you can wrap your hot dog in nori, Spam, and sushi rice?