Jessie Reyez Hops on BLVK JVCK’s Ice-Melting Banger “Love Me Still”

The L.A./Miami production duo enlist the Canadian singer for their summery, yearning love track.

Mar 19 2018, 5:20pm

L: Havard Jorstad
R: Mario Kristian

Maybe it’s because time has moved forward an hour and I can see sunlight until almost seven o’clock at night that I’m feeling very optimistic. This winter, usually hard and cruel, has felt harder and more cruel than usual so any gesture toward the reprieve and welcoming, sensual heat of the summer has become necessary. BLVK JVCK, the L.A./Miami production duo comprised of The Runners, have given us a first taste at the sizzling, scorcher summer could be with the heartfelt, crooning “Love Me Still,” featuring Canada’s own Jessie Reyez. The track, via label Big Beat Records, sounds like the immediate condensation that collects on an icy cold margarita glass after it has just been handed to you. Reyez is on the rise after the release of her excellent EP Kiddo last year, jumping around on others’ tracks, working toward her own full-length. On “Love Me Still,” Reyez’s pouty vocals sound yearning but matter-of-fact, like, of course, you should love me, so stop being stupid.

Reyez’s lyrics (“why are you scared to let me feel?”) are buoyed by the mixture of drums, horns, and subtle, but affecting, fingersnaps BLVK JVCK concocted for production. With so many elements available on the track, it could seem sonically overwhelming, but they have conjured music magic by making it all seem perfectly placed. BLVK JVCK said in a statement to Noisey about the track that, "Everything about this record is dope to us. Jessie ripped it down and the production is on some new shit. Actually, the whole record is on some new shit and thats what BLVK JVCK is about: Making music that don't sound like the same ol' shit.” Watch the video below.

This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.