Vitamin Thief Keeps Replacing Pills With Dry Pasta

A superfood formula of straight carbs.

by Susan Rinkunas
Jun 9 2017, 3:51pm

CityNews Toronto

Toronto shoppers looking to round out their diet with some extra greens might find themselves with a bottle of carby goodness instead thanks to a heroic vitamin thief.

Anna Bauer-Ross told CityNews Toronto that her daughter spent $50.81 Canadian at a Shoppers Drug Mart store on a bottle of Genuine Health Greens+ supplements, a "superfood formula" with more than "23 plant-based essential nutrients." But when her daughter opened the sealed bottle, there was nothing but dry penne pasta inside. "If you rattled the bottle, it sounded like there were pills inside," she said, so there was no reason to suspect it contained anything else.

Bauer-Ross went to the store the next day with her receipt to ask for an exchange—under the condition that she could open the replacement bottle in the store. She pulled back the seal and discovered that it was also filled with delicious, ridged penne. The "flummoxed" store manager reached for a third bottle—penne. And a fourth—PENNE! Bauer-Ross got a full refund.

Genuine Health said in a statement that they're aware of a few incidents in the Toronto area where their product has been tampered with and replaced with dry pasta. "We have confirmed that the substitution is happening after the product has been packed, sealed, and shipped from our facilities, and believe a local consumer is doing this for free product," adding, "we are working closely with Shoppers to find the culprit." Shoppers Drug Mart said it is launching an investigation. There is no word yet on whether the penne was gluten free.

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