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Mighty Mark and TT The Artist Call Out Music Industry Fakes in New Single

Bond St. District also features on "Real"

by Alexander Iadarola
Sep 28 2016, 7:30pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

Baltimore club producer Mighty Mark has shared his fiery new single "Real," featuring a number of hyper-talented artists from his hometown including TT The Artist, Bond St. District, and DJ AngelBaby. The track—off his forthcoming second studio EP of the same name—pairs sickening subbass with dynamically sharp percussion while the guests gleefully call out anyone and everyone who's "a motherfucking lie."

The producer explained how the track came about to THUMP via email. "When I started this song a year ago I was in the studio with DDm of Bond St. District, who is the vocalist on the hook," he said. "We were talking about some of the fake things in the music industry, and how some of the artists that are popular on the scene don't even invest into their craft. That's where the hook came from—'Fuck all you whores / You whores ain't real.' If the shoe fits wear it."

Real will be out digitally on October 25; it is available for pre-order now.

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