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The Best Music Released This Week, Featuring David Bowie and Daniel Avery

Also features amazing mixes from Steven Julien and Jane Fitz.

by Angus Harrison
Aug 12 2016, 1:57pm

Maybe it's just because I've been on holiday, but for this first time in ages, this week it felt like summer was sort of, actually, happening. The world didn't seem like it was totally ending and the sun got his [actually quite problematic] hat on. Hip, hip, hip hooray. To honor this we've picked a slew of sweaty, acidic, burnt bruisers and gooey, gorgeous mixes. Indian Wells' "Racquet" just out via Boiler Room and Legowelt's unnervingly incredible Bowie remix kick us off, alongside a tense Abdullah Rashim rework of Daniel Avery's "Clear". Then there's a preview of the new Hostel La Torre compilation from Mark Barrott on International Feel—we've heard the full thing and it's just as great as the preview makes it sound. Then it's heads down for some genuinely incredible mixes. Steven Julien (Funkineven) has turned in a FACT mix, there's Ben Marshall's ebullient La Bella Vita mix and finally Jane Fitz with genuinely one of our favorite sessions of the year so far.

1. Indian Wells - Racquet

2. David Bowie & Pat Metheny Group - This is Not America (Smackos Emax Discoremix)

3. Daniel Avery - Clear (Abdulla Rashim Remix)

4. Hostal La Torre - Volumen Uno (Album Preview)

5. FACT mix 562: Steven Julien

6. La Bella Vita - Ben Marshall

7. Jane Fitz At Closer - Episode 8

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