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Lexxi's New Track "Red Eyez" Is Refreshingly Pared Back Club Music

The London producer shares his latest material ahead of the return of his celebrated "Endless" party in London next week.

by Alexander Iadarola
Feb 2 2016, 2:26pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

London producer, Lexxi, has shared a new track entitled "Red Eyez," marking his first new material in about six months. It was quietly uploaded to SoundCloud ahead of the return of his celebrated "Endless" party next week at Rye Wax in London, which will see him perform alongside Nkisi (of NON Records), Mykki Blanco collaborator GAIKA, and some very special guests.

Like all of his uploads, he's kept the tags on "Red Eyez" minimal, simply adding "#energy #boost." There's something spot-on about this characterization— befitting Lexxi's often extremely concise music making. Each element feels like a considered remainder, left after months spent painstakingly scratching away at superfluous sounds. There's nothing flashy in the beats and tones he's settled on, though, to suggest some kind of purely stylistic motivation for his decisions. Instead, "Red Eyez" is just a gorgeous, persuasive track, getting at a very candid kind of pathos.

Here's to hoping Lexxi does an EP in 2016; buy his tunes on Sellify here.

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