Soulwax's "Space Rock" Band Die Verboten Is Back with a 13-Minute Single

We've got an exclusive stream of the "E40" from the cosmic-kosmicher's first full length record. Prepare to get trippy.

by Angus Harrison
Oct 8 2015, 1:59pm

Despite having a press shot that makes them look like they've just been caught breaking into somebody's holiday home in Malaga, Die Verboten are a hugely exciting proposition. Composed on the Dewaele brothers, better known to most as either Soulwax — or 2ManyDJs — or Despacio — alongside English electro maestro (Henry) Riton, and artist Fergus 'Fergadelic' Purcell, the band formed out of a mutual love of krautrock. Since first releasing music, and dropping their debut EP in 2009, they have been a little scarce on bringing out new music, but as we know only to well, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Now, following years of teasing, brief mentions of an album in some form, the four-piece are finally releasing their first full length LP — 2007. And we've got the first single, exclusively on THUMP.

"E40" is everything you'd want from this project. A gloopy, bubbling, cosmic stomper that just churns on and on and on — for 13 minutes all told — until you're completely lost in the orbit of rolling rhythm. It's as good as the rapper it's (presumably) (sort of) named after. Listen below.