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This Steve Hauschildt Remix is a Beautiful Release in an Otherwise Miserable World

Take an exclusive listen to the ex-Emeralds producer's haunting take on Heinali's "Holding a Cloud."

by Josh Baines
Mar 9 2017, 3:56pm

For the best part of a decade now I've found myself listening to Cleveland, Ohio's premier kosmiche group, Emeralds. On albums like Solar Bridge, Does It Look Like I'm Here, and Just to Feel Anything, the threesome renegotiated ambient understandings, creating an almost-angelic sound that drifted between wide-eyed bliss and disturbed drone.

The trio's various solo material has been just as enchanting. Whether it's Mark McGuire noodling into the infinite bliss of six-string-nirvana, the deep-listening electronica that John Elliott releases under his Outer Space alias, or Steve Hauschildt's trippy and tricksy ambient excursions on Kranky, their music has elevated itself to the immediate buy-on-site category, which is probably the highest compliment you can pay an artist.

Listen back to Steve Hauschildt's THUMP Mix

With all that in mind, it is with some pride that we're letting you have a listen to a brand new remix of Hauschildt, right here on THUMP. You might remember a few weeks back that we premiered material by Ukranian composer Heinali. Well, guess what? Yep, that's right, the two have come together to create one of the most stunning pieces of music we've heard in a long, long time.

In typically Hauschildtian fashion, Steve's remix of "Holding a Cloud" is a glistening, glowing, otherworldly thing of profound beauty. It'll have you wanting to chuck your phone away, quit your job, tell the landlord you've died, and shed your (metaphorical) skin for a new life somewhere out far into the deepest, darkest, dankest woods you can find.

In a world of ceaseless miseries, we need music like this more than ever. Thank you Steve. Thank you.

Anthem by Heinali is out now on Injazzero Records.
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