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Another City in Argentina Bans Electronic Music Events

Mar Del Plata follows Buenos Aires with the prohibition they announced Tuesday.

by Alexander Iadarola
Jan 11 2017, 9:30pm

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

The beachside city of Mar Del Plata in Argentina yesterday instated an official ban on electronic music events. They are the second city in the country to pursue a total ban on such events, following Buenos Aires, which stopped offering permits for festivals in April of last year.

Mar Del Plata mayor Carlos Arroyo announced the prohibition in response to concerns regarding drug use at these kinds of events, reports Resident Advisor. His decision follows the recent deaths of two people who attended a New Year's party at a nightclub in the Argentinian city of Arroyo Seco. In the aftermath of that event, officials have determined that it is "practically confirmed" that the death of one of the two people was drug-related, reports The Bubble.

Arroyo's decision has generated pushback from local politicians, reports news source El Marplatense. Councilman Santiago Bonifatti said that the definition of an electronic music party or event had to be defined more clearly, and that lawmakers were capable of choosing more "intelligent" tools than the proposed ban.

Buenos Aires' ban on electronic music events followed the deaths of five patrons of the city's Time Warp festival, which took place from April 15–17.

Kraftwerk was able to perform in Buenos Aires in November despite the ban there, because of an appeal in local courts.

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