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Mike Dean Shares Cosmic Analog Synth Workout “Grande Faucon”

Hear the veteran hip-hop producer’s new Moog-powered instrumental.

by Benjamin Boles
Apr 19 2016, 8:25pm

Photo via SoundCloud

Renowned American producer Mike Dean has worked on beats for music's biggest names, including Beyonce, Jay Z, and Kanye West, and is known for his prowess with synthesizers. He recently spent 48 hours in the Moog Music Factory in Asheville, North Carolina, playing with some of the synth manufacturer's newest toys, and came out of the session with an ominous new track called "Grande Faucon."

To make the song, Dean used six of Moog's new Mother-32 semi-modular synths, as well as a Moog Voyager-XL. He's also shared a short behind-the-scenes video, showing how he put the track together, which you can watch below.

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