Australia Joins the Growing Number of Countries Opening New Vinyl Pressing Plants

The plant was able to open due to the purchase of an incredibly rare 1950s Neumann AM-32 cutting lathe.

Apr 23 2016, 6:45pm

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

With vinyl records being back in demand more than ever, the need for pressing plants, which had shuttered during the CD and digital revolutions has become...well, pressing. Now a new plant has announced that it will be opening in the great Down Under.

The Adelaide-based publication CityMag reports that a company called Roundabout Records will open for business to press runs from 100-1000 records for local indies, with recording and mastering also offered in-house in Adelaide, Australia. The plant's existence comes from the good fortune of the company's owner Colin Forster, who was able to purchase the plant's incredibly rare 1950s Neumann AM-32 cutting lathe purchased from New Zealand's former HMV Studios.

"I was the first one to get to Auckland," says Forster. "A guy jumped on a plane in Germany that night, and a guy jumped on a plane in America that night, and just because I got there first, I was pretty lucky."

Forster expects the plant to be open by winter joining the number of new pressing plants worldwide, including in Brazil, Australia, and even the USA, that have opened in the last year.

[Update 3 June 2016:] A previous version of this post attributed The Vinyl Factory as originally reporting this story. This post has been changed to reflect that CityMag first reported the story.]