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Cold Brew Tastes Better with Brandy

Tommy's cold brew is part iced coffee, part hard liquor.

by Munchies Staff
Sep 10 2016, 2:00pm

Photo by Farideh Sadeghin


It's Thursday afternoon. It's hot. You need a caffeine hit to power through the rest of the day, but also booze because hey, there are just a few short hours and a couple of unfinished slideshow presentations standing between you and that ~Friday feeling~

What you need is a Tommy's cold toddy: part iced coffee, part hard liquor—well, Bailey's Irish Cream.

RECIPE: Tommy's Cold Toddy

This multipurpose drink gets its name from the Toddy, the preferred cold-brewing system of A-game baristas like Dan Solomito from Brooklyn's S,T Coffee. The Toddy filters coffee grounds after they've been steeped, resulting in a smooth cold brew concentrate. (A French press will work just as well if you're more of a B-team barista, though.)

Once you have your coffee concentrate, pour it into a cocktail shaker along with the Bailey's and either brandy or cognac. Or both—it's nearly the weekend, after all.

Shake your cold toddy and strain into a glass filled with ice. Who says stimulants and depressants don't mix?