Mike Trout Signs Autograph, Makes Kid Cry (Tears of Joy)

Apparently, there is crying in baseball.

by Dave Brown
Aug 29 2016, 4:33pm

Ballplayers don't literally put out fires, cure diseases, or fight for freedom in the typically regarded sense of the phrase. But they do their part for the world. Mike Trout of the Angels does his part more than most, no matter if he's hitting a home run, stealing someone else's home run, or keeping everyone informed of the weather.

Or, making a young man's day by signing an autograph.

What's the best moment of the video? There are so many to choose from:

• The kid looking back to (presumably) his dad as if to say, "He's really signing!"

• The look on the face of the Tigers fan wearing orange who sees what we're seeing from the grandstand side.

• The kid telling Trout, "I love you, Mike!"

• The kid saying "Thanks, Mike," after Trout returns his marker.

• The kid running back to his dad, arms victoriously held high.

• The hug the boy has with his dad.

• The tears the boy wipes away.

• The kid not knowing what to do next with himself.

There's no wrong answer, but if you said the boy saying, "Thanks, Mike," you're a little more correct. There's nothing better than being polite.

As Angels analyst Mark Gubicza points out, Trout signs autographs for kids frequently, perhaps every game or almost every game. Autograph hounds don't always act as grateful as Angels Kid. Not to get off on a tangent but a lot of times even kids seeking autographs can be downright rude, screaming at players and shoving one another out of the way. More often than not, the kids will say thank you at the end, because what kind of monster doesn't say thank you?

But Angels Kid appears to mean it. And Trout seems to get it—he understands his place in society as a man who gets paid to crush dingers, steal dingers back from the undeserving, and make a young man's day/week/year/life by taking time to sign an autograph.

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