Clever Leeds United Fan Uses Board to Crowd Surf

Dude was pitted, brah!

by Liam Daniel Pierce
May 7 2016, 8:16pm

So this happened today #lufc
— James Morris (@j_morris93) May 7, 2016

When your side is mid-table in the Championship and you're nearing a 1-1 draw against Preston, you've little to do but fuck around in the stadium. So, y'know, why not bust out a boogie board and coast upwards on the hands of hundreds of people.

It's hard to know if the physics of the thing allow for easier crowd surfing or not—there's the trade-off of having to push another moving part vs. the ease of handing back a flat surface to your mate behind you. Physics aside, the novelty of the whole things seemed to carry the man nearly to the rafters. The real question is how did he get that boogie board past security in the first place? If only the Leeds path to the Premiership was coasting just as well...