You Need Almost No Cooking Skills to Make the World's Greatest Pancakes

Thin is not in. These easy, fluffy pancakes—drizzled with maple syrup and stuffed with blueberries—are exactly what you want this morning.

by Munchies Staff
Jun 26 2016, 2:00pm

Image by Brayden Olson

You want flat flapjacks? Fuck outta here.

Toronto-based chef and Keep It Canada host Matty Matheson doesn't mince words about these fluffy, puffy pancakes: They're the best you'll ever have. Even better, you only need a modicum of culinary skill to pull these off. If you can separate an egg yolk and whip the whites without burning your house down, you're basically on your way to Le Cordon Bleu.

Just don't troll Matty in the comments about how much PAM he uses.

RECIPE: Matty Matheson's Perfect Pancakes

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