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Russell Brand Calls Silk Road Kingpin Ross Ulbricht the 'American Dream' in Rant

The actor slammed the FBI in a frenetic rant posted to his YouTube page.

by Jason Koebler
Jun 3 2015, 9:21pm

Noted famous person and sometimes political commentator Russell Brand slammed the judge who sentenced Silk Road kingpin Ross Ulbricht to life in prison without parole in a frenetic and passionate rant he posted to his YouTube page.

Brand also bashed the FBI for aggressively prosecuting Ulbricht, who he said operated the same as some of the United States's megacorporations.

"In a way, Ross Ulbricht is the American dream, he's an entrepreneur. He saw a new market, he went for it," Brand said. "Is that any different from the genesis of Coca Cola or General Motors or Philip Morris? General Motors killed their customers, Philip Morris Killed their customers, Coca Cola killed their customers and workers. This guy is just an entrepreneur, he's simply embracing the explicit structure and policies of the United States policy of capitalism."

Love him or hate him, Brand has in recent years attempted to establish himself as someone worth listening to in the political sphere—he's had a number of notable media appearances, most of which have been highly entertaining.

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