You Can Legally Add (Some) Music to Your Vine Videos Now

Hope you like Avicii.

Aug 28 2015, 5:25pm

Image: Vine

A new Vine update rolling out today allows users to add music to their videos, legally licensing snippets of handpicked songs. An additional feature, "Snap to Beat," attempts to match the length of the music loop to the length of the video. Of course, none of them will top this hamburger, but they can certainly try.

Vine is positing it as a way to discover new music. Or six seconds of it, at least. The first featured artists are Avicii, Migos, and Odesza. Featured artists can connect to their music for those that are gaga over that snippet.

As Quartz recently pointed out, Vine has just as many users as the venerated Snapchat, yet doesn't receive as much attention. The platform has more than 100 million users, 34.5 million unique visits per month, and 1.5 billion video views per day. It also has its own celebrities and its own celebrity drama.