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Bird Hats And Wing Capes In Asia's First 3D Printed Fashion Show

Is it a bird? Is it a... oh forget it, it's an avian-influenced fashion show from Malaysian designer Melinda Looi.

by Kevin Holmes
Jun 19 2013, 8:30pm

Would you wear a bird on your head? Not a live one, of course, that would be a bit difficult, but a 3D printed one? You would if you were one of the models in a fashion show which recently happened in Malaysia, where Malaysian fashion designer Melinda Looi unveiled a selection of avian-inspired 3D printed fashion, from headgear to wedges, a skirt, necklace, and a cape.

The designs were part of a collaboration with i.materialise for a 3D printed fashion show in Kuala Lumpur, the first if its kind in Asia. It's not the sort of look you'd rock in the office, you might take someone's eye out, but as a showcase for the technology, how can you not like a cape that's fashioned as a pair of bird wings? 

Her Love and Strength (Necklace)

Face it (Headgear)

Let Her Shine (Peacock skirt)

Open Wings(Wings Cape)

Stand on Me (Wedges)

Images: The Photoz - Zung


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