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This Stop Motion Animation Fits An Entire Kitchen Inside A Water Bottle

The new micro-artwork from is four times smaller than your average miniature.

by Emerson Rosenthal
Apr 7 2014, 3:25pm

If you've moved into an apartment anytime within the last two years, it's a safe bet, from New York to Tokyo, that the bane of your urban interior is your paltry kitchen size; simply put, between the quarter-size dinette and the single cubby/cabinet combo, we're keeping cooking corners worthy of The Rescuers

These days, the only spaces that haven't been filled yet are the cracks in between. What if you could fit an entire kitchen into the size of, say, a takeout container? Or a plastic bottle? 

Steady your hands and grab your magnifying glasses: legendary Japanese beverage maker, Kirin, has released a new short film that scales things down to size; 1/48 scale, to be specific. 

SEKAI no KITCHEN kara in Bottle "SALT & LITCHI Story" redefines space-saving, creating a full-scale kitchen at least four times smaller than your average miniature. Fit perfectly within the contents of their new beverage bottle, this beautiful stop-motion micro-creation is realistic down to the dirt on the faucet and the cracks in the wood foundations. Below, check out some behind the scenes macro images: 

For more tiny-cookware from Kirin, check out the official Sekai no Kitchen Kara Vine feed

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