Obama and Putin Duke It Out, 'Street Fighter' Style

Artists projected a public game of 'Street Fighter' onto Paris walls, switching world leaders into the ring.

Jun 17 2015, 8:55pm

Images courtesy the artist

Street Fighter's means of problem-solving (i.e. with fists) doesn't fly in international politics, but Paris got a taste of an alternate reality where President Obama and Vladmir Putin could take their disagreements outside and see who backs up their talk with with toughest walk. For their June 2015 public intervention, Holofighters, artists Julien Nonnon and Romain Vollet of media studio Le3 pasted Putin and Obama's faces onto fully-functioning Street Fighter characters and invited passersby to get involved in geopolitics by bashing each other's digital faces in. With Donald Trump running for president in 2016, this might be a more accurate depiction of politics at home, rather than international negotiations.

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