Kate McKinnon Will Voice Ms. Frizzle in the 'Magic School Bus' Reboot

Lily Tomlin voiced the iconic teacher in the original 90s series, back when schools apparently didn't require parents to sign off before students got baked into pies or whatever.

by River Donaghey
Feb 8 2017, 7:48pm

Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Netflix has been on a tear rebooting classic TV shows lately. In addition to bringing back everyone's dream science teacher Bill Nye, its latest resurrection is a Magic School Bus reboot called Magic School Bus Rides Again—and this time, SNL's Kate McKinnon will take over the wheel as the voice of Ms. Frizzle.

Lily Tomlin voiced the iconic teacher in the original 90s series, back when schools apparently didn't require a parent's signature before shrinking students down to the size of a red blood cell and sending them off to explore the inside of someone's body or whatever. 

According to Stu Stone, who voiced the backward-capped Ralphie in the original series and is producing the reboot, both he and members of the old cast will be coming back. But it looks like Tomlin, who currently stars in a different Netflix series, Grace and Frankie, has handed the red-haired Frizzle over to Ghostbusters star Kate McKinnon.

There's no official release date for Magic School Bus Rides Again, but we do know that the revival is going to be 26 half-hour episodes, involve an even more high-tech bus, and focus on scientific developments in robotics, wearables, and camera tech

Will Carlos return to make some bad puns? Has Dorothy Ann been keeping up with her research? Is Arnold still bitching and moaning about all the cool-ass shit he gets to do on field trips? Only time will tell.

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