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Charli XCX Goes to 'Fallon,' Brings Boys, Performs “Boys”

There are lots of boys.

by Alex Robert Ross
Sep 29 2017, 5:20pm

Charli XCX's latest single, "Boys," is sugary, versatile, and—according to Noisey's Lauren O'Neill—a "Feminist Tract for a New Generation." A key to its success has been its video, which featured many famous and handsome boys doing bicep curls with dogs and eating pancakes and having conversations with stuffed animals.

There were no famous boys last night when Charli took the song to Fallon, but there were boys nonetheless, preening in the background while the British singer bopped around the stage in shades. Charli XCX is a supremely confident performer, completely unaffected by self-doubt or lethargy, and it's pretty compelling even on a TV screen. Then again, you might just be here for the boys and that's fine. There are lots of boys.

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