Justin Vernon Performed For Like, 11 People with Aaron Desner of The National

Thoughts are with your boyfriend at this difficult time.
August 7, 2017, 4:20pm

What's that wailing you hear, faint, carried on the wind? Why, it's the sound of thousands of sadboys watching this video of Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, and The National's Aaron Desner performing for a tiny number of people in Brännö, Sweden. "Why wasn't I there?" they cry. "I couldn't even get a fucking ticket for either of their tours and I had Ticketmaster open in like three tabs both times," they are weeping into the sweaters that they are inexplicably wearing in August.

Let me explain how this came about: Brännö is a little island off the coast of the Gothenburg Municipality, which, every Saturday, holds concerts usually featuring local musicians during the summer. This Saturday (August 5), however, was different, as the small number of concert-goers were treated to a short performance from Vernon and Desner (both of whom will be playing Copenhagen's HAVEN Festival this Friday and Saturday—August 11 and 12), which was captured on video by a savvy onlooker. Watch above, and for the love of God make sure your soft-ass boyfriend is okay.

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