Portraits of Brooklynites Flocking to Massive La Croix Wall in New Whole Foods

To the delight of Instagrammers in the New York City area, a Whole Foods has opened on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg—and it contains a mysteriously large wall of everyone's favorite seltzer.

by Darragh Dandurand
Aug 2 2016, 5:29pm

Photos by Darragh Dandurand

Several much-ridiculed (but also secretly enjoyed) hipster obsessions have collided in the hallowed halls of the brand new Williamsburg Whole Foods: The recently constructed artisanal grocery store on Bedford Ave. contains an inexplicably massive wall of La Croix seltzer, a beverage with a bizarre cult following, though it seems that only three flavors are stocked.

Because people have been feverishly Instagramming and tweeting about the La Croix Wall for days, we decided to send photographer Darragh Dandurand to document the vision herself.

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