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Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, January 2019

Blessed solar return, dear Capricorn!

by Annabel Gat
Dec 28 2018, 4:54pm

Illustration by Amanda Lanzone

The sun is shining in your sign, propelling you forward on your journey up life’s mountain! You’re feeling revitalized, and you also have a renewed sense of purpose as the sun meets with your ruling planet, Saturn, on January 2. Taskmaster Saturn can definitely be a downer, so you may feel a little glum—or you might have an existential crisis about the passing of time (yes, another year of life is here). However, the sun and Saturn’s connection may also find you refocused on your goals and stepping into a new kind of authority or beginning a new project at work. Authority is a big theme for you this month, thanks to the eclipse in your sign on January 5. You're wondering: Who should have power? When is it time to step down? These are important questions, ones that you must reflect on in both your personal life and regarding the world at large.

Unexpected conversations—especially concerning your home or an emotionally sensitive situation—arrive on January 4, when Mercury connects with Uranus and the sun connects with Neptune to encourage empathy in communication and boost your intuition. Also on January 4, Mercury enters your sign, putting you in a much more talkative mood than you have been in recently. Thanks to last month’s Mercury retrograde, so much back-and-forth has taken place—but finally, it’s time to truly go forth! Important changes come early in 2019—and while 2018 felt so slow due to those pesky back-to-back retrogrades, that’s not the case this year: Uranus ends its retrograde on January 6, pushing forward innovation in many areas of your life, but especially at home (changes within your family, or even literal changes to your home via renovations, are moving forward).

January 18, when the sun and Uranus clash, is a day to watch out for when it comes to changes and surprises at home or in your personal life. More surprising news arrives on January 23, when Mercury clashes with Uranus—you yourself may say something unexpected! As much as you crave security, you’re also really itching for freedom (especially mid-month with all this electric Uranus activity in the air)—freedom from your past, family expectations, and even your own long-held expectations of yourself. It’s a brilliant time to shake off old emotional patterns that no longer serve you.

Seductive Venus enters fiery Sagittarius on January 7, and while this fire sign is known for having a huge mouth, you, dear sea-goat, are in a private mood and feeling inspired to keep your business concerning love and money to yourself. A secret affair may even come your way…of course, keeping secrets isn’t always easy when chatty Mercury squares off with impulsive Mars on January 8, so expect some exciting conversions to take place then.

Again, a big theme for you this month is power, especially thanks to the eclipse in your sign on January 5. In a perfect world, the people in power get there because of hard work and wisdom… but things in the real world certainly don’t always work that way. This eclipse is sure to shake up structures that have people in power who may not have rightfully earned it and still need to learn a thing or two (or three). You’re stepping into your own power this month, especially as the sun meets Pluto on January 11, which will find you in the midst of an important transformation. The planet of the mind, Mercury, also meets Pluto on January 18, making this a hugely important day for discussions concerning power.

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January 13 contains some of the most complicated energies of the month: Jupiter clashes with Neptune and Mercury meets Saturn. Jupiter looks at the big picture, while Mercury scours the details… and Neptune ignores both in favor what’s happening in a fantasy world, while Saturn rejects dreams and is only interested in reality. So, how will this play out for you? Jupiter’s clash with Neptune is the first of three meetings that will take place between the two planets this year, which, will be exciting for your intuitive development and dream work. Practically speaking, it will be both frustrating and beautiful when it comes to communication—please, no lies, Capricorn. And no hanging out with liars! Don't place bets when you don’t have enough information, and even though you're the most practical sign of the zodiac, be cautious of idealizing. In simple astrology talk, Jupiter means a lot and Neptune fantasy…so, there’s a whole lot of fantasy taking place! It’s exciting, but as you know, dreams are not reality, which can be excruciatingly disappointing. As for Mercury’s meeting with Saturn—expect a grumpy energy. Do your best to catch up on sleep!

An energy shift takes place as Aquarius season beings on January 20, finding the sun illuminating the financial sector of your chart. Venus, the planet of value, squares off with Neptune—expect this to be a major time to work out illusions you have about money and your sense of self-worth, especially in regards to how you ask for or talk about money, security, and yourself. This is major, considering that the super moon lunar eclipse in Leo arrives on January 21! A big climax will take place for you around money, and this will be huge for your intimate relationships, too. Some endings may take place… but wonderful transformations may occur, as well.

Mars squares off with Saturn on January 21, stirring up tension at home, and you’re eager to ditch your responsibilities and have some fun when Venus meets Jupiter on January 22 (remember that secret affair I mentioned?). Communication planet Mercury enters Aquarius on January 24, bringing plenty of talk about money your way, and some unexpected luck comes your way when Mars connects with Jupiter on January 25. The sun meets Mercury on January 29, and an important perspective concerning money (and self-worth) arrives. To wrap up the month, Mercury connects with Neptune on January 31, creating a poetic and empathic mood around communication. Good luck this month, Capricorn, and see you in February!

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