Well, Wendy's Made a Rap Mixtape Too and It's Harder Than Bricks

First it was Hamburger Helper, now Wendy's has dropped 'We Beefin?,' an EP hotter than a Spicy Chicken Sandwich.
March 23, 2018, 5:22pm

Is there definitely something to be said for the unending strangeness of non-corporeal fast food companies making trap mixtapes credited to those companies? Yes, there definitely is. However, everything we consume (even this site) is an advertisement in some way, so we may as well embrace the machine willingly while we still can. Continuing in the mold that Hamburger Helper created with the classic Watch the Stove all those many years ago, Wendy's has dropped their own project called We Beefin? and lord almighty does it bang.

The five-track tape, packaged in Ready to Die-_parodying artwork, is 10 minutes of hard beats, McDonald's diss tracks, (yes, really) and ice-cool, deft rapping performed by an as-yet unidentified MC. She's really good! The production is also very good! God, it is embarrassing that I like this so much! Why does this keep happening? Ponder existence and wild out to _We Beefin? below.

Phil is lost as shit and losing his shit on Twitter.

This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.