You Need to Check Out 'Twin Peaks,' 'The Good Place,' and More This Weekend

Why not take in a heist flick, too?

Sep 1 2017, 6:46pm

Looking for some stuff to catch up on this weekend? Whether it's TV, movies, books, or anything in between—VICE has you covered. Read on for our staff recommendations on what to take in during your downtime:

The Good Place

NBC's The Good Place—one of the best new shows to premiere last fall—returns on September 20, so this long weekend is the best time to watch the first season, currently available on Netflix. From Parks and Recreation's Michael Schur, The Good Place follows Eleanor (Kristen Bell) after her death, as she lands in a heaven-like place—except she was a horrible person while alive and was sent here by mistake. But to avoid the "bad place," her soulmate Chidi (William Jackson Harper) agrees to help her become a better person in the afterlife. It's a highly serialized comedy with an ambitious premise that doesn't quite lend itself to the normal sitcom beats but The Good Place navigates it effortlessly, building joke after joke while also deeply exploring its characters, and it all eventually culminates in a masterful season finale. It's the show that you'll want to be all caught up for when the fall season begins—and if you've already seen it, then you should know that it's somehow even better upon rewatch. -- Pilot Viruet, Associate Culture Editor

Twin Peaks: the Return

It's almost over, and I'm devastated. Luckily, we have a long weekend, so if you're not busy and you've already tore through The Good Place, hey, why not watch this too? -- Larry Fitzmaurice, Senior Culture Editor, Digital

Logan Lucky

Not a lot of people are seeing movies lately, and that includes Logan Lucky. What a shame! Steven Soderbergh's return to film is a low-key blast, a return to the heist-y area of his CV (Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve, and so on) featuring a top-notch cast (Adam Driver! Channing Tatum! Katie Holmes!) and a fun conceit that refuses to condescend to its environmental surroundings. It's the perfect film for sitting back and just enjoying—in other words, what more movies should be like. -- LF