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Judas Priest Have a New Anthem for Taking on the World and the Underworld

The metal gods have let loose "Never the Heroes," a fresh motivational stomper from 'Firepower.'

by Phil Witmer
Mar 2 2018, 4:27pm

Photo by Justin Borucki

One thing heavy metal is very good at is making the listener feel like they can take on anything in this world (or the underworld). Hot on the heels of the first single "Lightning Strike," Judas Priest's latest Firepower track "Never the Heroes" exemplifies that power. The stomping ode to "the courageous men and women that enter war" comes equipped with a classically enormous and fist-pumping Priest chorus, easily flattening any obstacles in its path.

Judas Priest are currently embroiled in something of an internal feud after former guitarist K.K. Downing expressed annoyance that he wasn't asked to rejoin the band for their upcoming tour. There has also been some controversy over whether guitarist Glenn Tipton, who recently bowed out of performing after a Parkinson's diagnosis, played the parts credited to him on Firepower.

In any case, you can listen to "Never the Heroes" above.

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