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This Guy Got a Ticket for Honking at an Undercover Cop

Apparently, some people really are above the beep.

by Drew Schwartz
Nov 8 2017, 7:35pm

Screenshot via HBO

On Friday, Scott Smith found himself stuck behind a car stopped at a green light in St. Louis, Missouri, a predicament made all the more infuriating because he was late for work. He honked at the car right as it began to creep forward, and—ostensibly just to piss Smith off—it stopped moving, according to the Riverfront Times. Smith then said he laid on the horn until the vehicle got out of the way, only to find out that the guy in front of him was an undercover cop.

Just like Larry David on a recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Smith got pulled over, finding himself face to face with an angry police officer.

"Seriously?" Smith asked as the cop approached him, which ramped things up to a ten pretty quickly.

"Seriously," the cop replied. "Is your horn stuck?"

"Is your break stuck?" Smith asked.

"Is your fucking horn stuck, smart ass?" the cop said, the first of many F-bombs to come.

The officer then asked for Smith for his driver's license, before telling him he was being stopped for some unknown "traffic violation."

"This is fucking ridiculous," Smith said.

"Well, you know what?" the cop barked. "Maybe you shouldn't be a fucking asshole."

About 40 minutes later, after two more cop cars arrived at the scene, the officer told Smith he'd receive a ticket in the mail, though Smith said he wasn't informed what for. He told the Riverfront Times he plans to file a complaint with the St. Louis Police Department about the incident. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the department is already conducting an internal investigation.

"A traffic violation shouldn't end up with 40 minutes on the side of the road with you being an angry prick yelling at me through the window," Smith told the Riverfront Times. "If I violated some violation, just give me my ticket and send me on my way."

There are plenty of great ways to turn your life into an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm—calling bullshit on chat and cuts, crusading for bald rights, generally respecting wood—but sometimes channeling Larry David can be a dangerous game. As Smith learned Friday, some people really are above the beep.

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