The Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 Schedule Looks Awesome, Quick

AGDQ 2018 is coming up fast.

Nov 2 2017, 9:11pm

Image courtesy Games Done Quick

One of the highlights of my January—an otherwise bleak, cold, blight upon the yearly calendar—is Awesome Games Done Quick. A speedrunning marathon with all proceeds going to charity, it and its sister event, Summer Games Done Quick, are always fun (especially if you have chat filters).

Games Done Quick has just released the full schedule for the upcoming event, held on January 7-14th at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport in VA. I'm pleased to see some of 2017's best games among the lineup, including Sonic Mania (run by Claris on Monday afternoon), Hollow Knight (by Mickely3 on Sunday the 7th) and closing game, Breath of the Wild (by atz early on Sunday the 14th).

One of my favorite moments of the last show saw runner Orcastraw showing off a BOTW run not too long after the game's release, so, I'm looking forward to even more shenanigans this time.

I'm also pumped for the various races, which always add a little more drama, especially the Donkey Kong Country 2 race planned between V0oid and waffle42 on Monday and the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis showdown between Bawkbasoup and wusscake on Wednesday.

Any early predictions? Favorites? Runs you'd like to see? Let's take it to the forums.