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Frank Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry' Isn't Out, But Whatever: Here Are 20 Tracks That Played in His Livestream

If you're thirsty as hell, listen to these before they get removed.

by Noisey Staff
Aug 5 2016, 10:02am

We're not even going to bother repeating the narrative behind Frank Ocean's up and coming album. At this point, it's been etched into the collective skin of anyone with a passing interest in music. So, to the important stuff: the album isn't out yet. It's likely you already know this, because if you're a fan you've probably spent the last few days watching Frank chop his way through a small tree's worth of wood. But what about the music he's been playing in the livestream? As the days have gone by and Frank's collection of wood has depleted, some "mysterious"—by which we mean, relatively unknown—pieces of music have been playing in the background. Some of it is ambient, some of it sounds like Daft Punk's "Contact," and another part sounds like the imaginations of Walt Disney, Brian Eno, and Zeus have combined into one grandoise slathering of orchestrated brilliance.

No one knows if these tracks will form part of the album. Maybe they are, or perhaps they're only meant to play in the Frank's warehouse while he sharpens his tools. Whatever the case, this is the internet, and some benevolent soul has gone and recorded all 20 of these instrumental tracks and uploaded them to SoundCloud. So if you're thirsty as hell, go ahead and listen to them below before they get removed.