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John Kasich Has Finally Accepted the Sad Inevitability of Trump

After winning only 7 percent of Indiana, Kasich is officially out of here.

by VICE Staff
May 4 2016, 4:20pm

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On Wednesday, Ohio governor and failed prince John Kasich officially decided to call off his quest for the White House, NBC News reports.

The announcement comes on the heels of Senator Ted Cruz suspending his campaign for the Republican nomination on Tuesday night. Kasich is scheduled to give a statement this evening in Ohio about throwing in the towel, according to multiple sources close to him.

Trump took all 57 of Indiana's GOP delegates at Tuesday's primary, with Kasich only pulling in a measly 7 percent of the vote.

Ted Cruz, who was considered a more likely competitor for Trump in the battle for the nomination, was first to accept the fact that the Great Orange Menace will soon wear the GOP crown, and now it looks like Kasich has come to the same sad realization. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Photo via Flickr userGage Skidmore