A 72-Year-Old Australian Hero Fought off a Gang of Crocodiles with a Wrench

He also tore spark plugs out of his boat and pelted the crocs with them.

by Helen Donahue
May 18 2016, 5:10pm

Photo via Flickr users David Trawin and cath91800

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A 72-year-old man was just released from a hospital in Australia after he picked up a wrench and some spark plugs and fought off a horde of crocodiles, CNN reports.

The man, Ray Mccomber, and his friend, 75-year-old Noel Ramage, were on a crabbing trip in Australia's Northern Territory when life turned into some straight-up Crocodile Dundee shit, and a saltwater croc capsized their ten-foot dingy.

Mccomber managed to get back into the boat, but Ramage—who wasn't wearing a lifejacket nor knew how to swim—drowned. To avenge his friend, Mccomber grabbed a wrench and some pliers from the boat and started bashing the croc's head.

Apparently, this just brought more attention to the situation, because more crocs quickly joined the brawl. Desperate, Mccomber tore some spark plugs from the boat's motor and started pelting the crocodiles with them, fending them off while he made it to shore.

Some fellow crabbers found Mccomber three hours later, tucked away in the mangroves, and got the 72-year-old croc fighter airlifted to a nearby hospital. Mccomber was treated for leg wounds and has since been released.

Ian Badham, Director of CareFlight—the organization that helped rescue Mccomber—told CNN that "saltwater crocodiles are serious. They're big animals, powerful animals," adding, "Unfortunately, every so often one of these things happens and we remember that they're not just stories."