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Skye Wallace’s Album ‘Something Wicked’ Will “Burn You to The Ground”

Featuring feel good lyrics like: “I will break you to pieces when you look in my eye.”

by Devin Pacholik
Oct 28 2016, 4:24pm

If you want to dance but also need to reevaluate the power dynamics of your relationships, Skye Wallace has that niche locked down. The Vancouver-raised, Toronto-based artist released her second album called Something Wicked, produced by Jim Bryson. The nine-song record is a folk-influenced punk rock dive into fiery moments and difficult emotions, best served with a healthy dose of foot tapping. Wallace's ballads and 60s influenced rock will "burn you to the ground," to quote her in "Blood Moon." In "Long Way Down," she asserts "I know my worth and I've worked to get it," and in "Stronghold" she threatens "I will break you to pieces when you look in my eye." Fire.

"This is the long anticipated version of the full band, raw rock sound that has become an integral part of our live show," Wallace tells Noisey. "Producer Jim Bryson approached me in Calgary last summer saying he heard a punk energy in the songs I was playing. He said, 'Let's make a record!' and I said 'Heck yeah!' The result is something we're all really proud of." Listen to Something Wicked below:

Photography courtesy of Angela Carol-Wallace.

Devin Pacholik looked into Skye Wallace's eyes. He is in pieces on Twitter .

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