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Bobcat Goldthwait Made a New Movie

It's a barrage of encapsulated moments of inadvertent idiocy, and you can watch an exclusive clip here.

by VICE Staff
Apr 27 2012, 4:00am

Bobcat Goldthwait told you about quitting as the direct path to achieving your dreams; via this method, he also made a new film. (That's not exactly quitting, but whatevs.) Called God Bless America, it's a barrage of encapsulated moments of inadvertent idiocy, that exasperating stuff where you shake your head, it’s not even worth arguing about, the person on the other side is too goddamn stupid to understand. It’s so sad, it’s funny. Except when it's just too much, you want to go wasting assholes—then it's actually hilarious. Watch this exclusive clip here, then check out our interview with him about the whole film here, then go figure out where you're going to go see it in the theater.

God Bless America is available on Video On Demand now; it opens at select theaters on May 11.

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