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Come to the 2014 VICE Photo Show in Los Angeles!

We're throwing a party in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate our 2014 photo issue—and lucky you, you're invited!

by VICE Staff
Aug 27 2014, 6:41pm

Remember how much you loved the art in this year's photo issue? Did you rip out pages of the magazine and plaster them on your wall because you just loved them so much you wanted to gaze at them longingly while you lay awake at night?

Now you can experience those photographs all over again... but bigger, not affixed to the wall with duct tape, and not for you to delicately caress after being emotionally overwhelmed by their artistic power (seriously, don't touch them! They're expensive!). Tomorrow night, we're throwing a party to celebrate our 2014 photo issue—and lucky you, you're invited (yes, you).

Join us at the Superchief Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, where you can experience the art all over again. Check out photos by the likes of Cindy Sherman, Richard Kern, Jaimie Warren, Laurie Simmons, and a lot of other great photographers. Entry is free, and 21-and-over. 

Thomas Morton (one of our hosts from VICE on HBO) and Fidlar will be DJing. Oh, and did we mention that the drinks are free?

Want to join the party? RSVP here.