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German ISIS Supporters Started a Jihadist Social Media Campaign

As ISIS brings a horrifying brand of Islamofascism to large parts of Iraq with brutal efficiency, their European supporters are cheering them on to Baghdad with social media posts featuring pictures of cupcakes and adorable cats in glasses.

by Henri Tartaglia
Jun 20 2014, 11:25am

As ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) brings a horrifying brand of Islamofascism to large parts of Iraq with brutal efficiency, their European supporters are cheering them on to Baghdad with social media, using the kind of meme-based clicktivism that would look more appropriate coming from Facebook environmentalists or Twitter feminists than supporters of murderous extremists.

German ISIS fans created a Facebook campaign in which supporters of the terror group are invited to show their love for the caliphate by writing messages on cardboard signs and uploading them. The campaign, called "One Billion Muslims to Support the Islamic State," is based around a simple premise, as one of the initiators explains:

Just write "One Billion Muslims to Support the Islamic State" on an individually designed piece of cardboard. Add your home country, in this case "Support from Germany," or some trademark of the country... This is an international campaign to thank the lions of our state... So get involved in shaa Allah! May Allah azza wa jall reward you, amin.

This was the initiator's post, complete with what looks like a font that is somehow worse than Comic Sans. The campaign is still very far from its ambitious goal of 1 billion posts, which they are hoping to reach today. Apart from some supporters in France and Austria, I have been unable to find any evidence that the campaign actually went international.

Still, a decent amount of German jihadists took part. Their posts pretty much all included the ISIS logo. Often there would also be Arabic hashtags, like #DawlaIslamiyya or just #Dawla, meaning "the Islamic State," and #Biithnallah, meaning "by God’s will."

While the written content was fairly uniform, German ISIS fans unleashed their creativity to support “their lions.“

Just because it’s a holy war doesn’t mean you can’t throw some color in there, right?

It didn’t take long for the first cute cat to make its appearance. A German lion in a weird glass to support the lions in Mossul. #Adorbs.

There were also jihadist muffins:



Other attempts were less impressive.

It’s unclear whether this Austrian included his passport to make the whole thing look more authentic, or whether he’s referring to the ISIS fighters’ habit of destroying their passports upon arrival at the "ground of honor" in Syria or Iraq.

This guy wants to turn Bonn into a Sharia state.

This one was taken by some guys from Hamburg, who sent their kind regards. It reads: "Your brothers from Hamburg support you!"

There are also some jokes about the Shiites, who are currently recruiting their own fighters to stand up to the militant Sunnis of ISIS. Apparently, German jihadists are not impressed—this is what a Shiite fighter looks like, according to the ISIS fan club. The text reads, "The Shiites were ordered to take up weapons against the mujahideen. The mujahideen are also preparing. Poor him, LOL."

So ISIS's German supporters are busy fighting the holy war on the “Heimatfront.“ A holy war that includes launching new Facebook pages, promoting hatred of Shiite Muslims and nonbelievers, and posting images of handwritten jihadist messages on pieces of cardboard.

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