June 2020

This month finds you creatively inspired and flirty as hell!

Welcome to Gemini season, Aquarius! The sun is illuminating such a fun sector of your chart: You’re creatively inspired, flirting up a storm, and feeling playful. If you’re in love or have a crush, this is an especially juicy time for you. If you’ve been stuck in a rut creatively, the sun in mutable air sign Gemini is breaking up stagnancy. Gemini season is all about enjoying life for you, dear Aquarius; however, this season is an especially thoughtful one for you because Venus is retrograde in Gemini. Venus is the planet of love, money, beauty, harmony, and our values, and its retrograde in Gemini asks you to rethink what’s important to you. Your tastes, the ways you have fun, the types of people you have crushes on, or the kind of art you like making may be undergoing a change of some kind. You’re also likely to run into lovers or creative collaborators from your past.

Venus clashes with Mars in Pisces on June 2, propelling you to make a choice about how you will invest your time, energy, and money. You’re making a move—Venus in Gemini may have found you unsure about all your many options, but its clash with decisive Mars finds you making a choice. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions: Venus retrograde in Gemini wants you to be curious and doesn’t want you to stay quiet about what’s important to you. An important realization concerning your love life and creative efforts arrives on June 3, when Venus meets the sun: What makes you truly happy, Aquarius? Use that as your compass as you make tricky decisions.

The lunar eclipse lands on June 5! This eclipse, a full moon in Sagittarius, brings the culmination of a drama that’s been brewing in your social life or in a community, group, or organization you belong to. Eclipses are exhausting and emotional, and this one is especially mentally demanding—you’re expected to keep it cool and detached (words people usually use to describe you, but you’re feeling especially passionate, righteous, and ready to speak out about something. Eclipses often reveal the truth about something, and you’re ready to speak loudly about what is revealed. Communication planet Mercury, currently in Cancer, connects with your ruling planet Uranus, in Taurus, also on this day, bringing unexpected help your way and creating a problem-solving energy at home and in your daily routine: You may finally find a solution for something that’s been bugging you as you do your daily chores.

But as much clarity and innovation as this early part of the month brings, things do get complicated: The sun clashes with Mars on June 6, creating a tense energy around finances and an argumentative atmosphere in general, but the sun squares off with hazy Neptune on June 11, finding you confused about issues concerning cash, creativity, and even your love life. The confusion continues as Mars meets Neptune on June 13, finding you lost around where you want to put your energy. Be very careful not to invest in things (emotionally, energetically, and financially) that seem too good to be true or that you don’t have a full picture of. Neptune is the planet of fantasy and delusion, which often doesn’t mix well with fiery Mars, an impulsive, risk-taking planet. Use this energy for the best by leaning into your spiritual practice, writing in your gratitude journal, creating a vision board, or engaging your imagination in other ways. Mars and Neptune’s meeting could be the start of your dreams coming true, but the trick is not to rush into anything!

Also asking you to slow down is Mercury’s retrograde in Cancer, which begins on June 18. Expect shake-ups to your daily schedule as Mercury retrograde activates the sector of your chart that rules your routine. Plans may be delayed! But activities that had to be rescheduled in the past may finally take place now that Mercury is moving backward through the zodiac. Avoid signing contracts, travel, or big purchases if you can help it, as Mercury rules communication, commuting, and commerce. You may be running into old coworkers or people you used to see frequently who you’ve lost touch with due to a change in your routine.

Action planet Mars also makes a helpful connection with power planet Pluto on June 18, bringing a big boost in confidence and finding you having intriguing dreams—pay attention to the symbols that show up as you sleep! Mars also connects with lucky Jupiter in Capricorn on June 20, the day the sun enters Cancer (happy solstice!), making this a brilliant time for inner work, exploring your shadow, and processing emotions—especially anger. A radical new journey begins in your daily routines and rituals on June 21, thanks to the new moon—a solar eclipse—in Cancer. This is a powerful time to kick a bad habit, and on a more mundane level, a new gig or job may arrive. In your relationships, this eclipse will find you and your partners working out your daily routines. If you’ve been dating someone you want to get more serious with, you’ll learn during this eclipse just how dependable they can be. Can you trust them not to forget to call when they say they will? If you’re already in a committed relationship, this eclipse asks what patterns need to be changed so your daily lives together can be more healthful and productive. Cancer is the sign of nurture and protection: What are you doing, dear Aquarius, to nourish yourself on a daily basis? Reflect on what kind of physical activity you’re getting, your meditation practice, and how you handle your to-do list.

Neptune retrograde begins on June 23: Treat yourself to a gift you’ve been dreaming of, but definitely be realistic about your budget. Spoiling yourself a bit is OK, but moderation is the key! Venus ends its retrograde on June 25, helping issues concerning your love life and creative endeavors move forward. An uptick in communication takes place as Mars enters Aries on June 28. Mars also mingles with your ruling planet Saturn on this day, finding you sorting out commitments—remember, Mercury is retrograde, and while that doesn’t mean you can’t do any long-term planning, don’t set things in stone quite yet. Allow for some flexibility!

A powerful shift takes place within you as Jupiter meets Pluto on June 30: Pay close attention to your dreams, as much transformation is taking place on a subconscious level. This is an especially potent time for you to work through things in therapy. Secrets and hidden places are explored. Mercury retrograde also connects with Uranus and meets the sun on this day, bringing you an important perspective concerning your daily routine, as well as finding you problem-solving issues at home. You may learn something quite surprising about your past!

Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in July!

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