June 2020

Gemini season is a mentally active time of year for you, dear Aries.

Welcome to Gemini season, Aries! This is a mentally active time of year for you; plenty of conversations are taking place, and you are tackling paperwork or dealing with other important communications. The sun is also illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your neighborhood, as well as your siblings, finding you getting in touch with your local community and reaching out to friends and family.

June opens with Venus retrograde in Gemini. Sweet, charming Venus in social butterfly Gemini is typically a light and easy time for you, but the retrograde’s impact finds you reconsidering everything about love, money, and beauty. You’re even encouraged to interrogate yourself about your values and ask—or pester, even!—the people in your life about what they think and why. This Venus retrograde is major for you when it comes to communication. You may also run into people from the past or come across a forgotten love letter or even a forgotten check or bill.

Venus clashes with your ruling planet Mars, currently in Pisces, on June 2, creating a feisty, flirty atmosphere; however, it’s crucial you don’t jump to conclusions at this time. Venus and Mars’s clash inspires the world to go after what they want, but you, dear ram, are still figuring out what that is! Have you been feeling disconnected from your intuition and inner voice? Now is the time to reacquaint yourself with your inner knowing through meditation, journaling, and therapy. It’s a strange feeling for you to be unsure about what you want or what you think about something because you’re such a decisive person, but the truth is that you’re experiencing a great shift in your values, so it will take a moment for you to figure things out. Venus meets the sun on June 3, marking an important moment in Venus’s retrograde journey, helping you gain deep perspective on your values, ideals, and desires.

A lunar eclipse arrives on June 5! This eclipse is a full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius. Full moons bring heightened emotions and eclipses are especially turbulent—big reveals take place, and because this eclipse is in Sagittarius, you can expect some major loudmouth energy. A major spiritual breakthrough takes place, secrets are revealed, and the truth is told! A conversation that’s been brewing reaches a major climax, and ties are cut with people you no longer want to be in communication with. Travel and education are two areas of life that have been greatly disrupted by recent lockdowns, and this eclipse may find you reorienting yourself around how you manage these issues. June 5 also finds Mercury in Cancer mingling with Uranus in Taurus, creating a helpful problem-solving atmosphere, especially concerning finances and your living situation.

An argumentative energy flows as the sun clashes with Mars on June 6, and confusion is in the air as the sun squares off with Neptune in Pisces on June 11. An especially moody atmosphere takes place as Mars meets Neptune on June 13: Watch out for lazy and dishonest behavior! It’s OK to retreat to your fantasy life (dive into video games, music, and movies),but don’t get so detached from reality that you dip into paranoid thinking…perhaps don’t binge watch any science fiction, horror, or conspiracy movies at this time! That said, this is a fantastic time to lean into your spiritual practice, dive into dream work or psychic development, or connect with a therapist or counselor who can guide you in exploring your subconscious and healing your past. This will be important because the past is a big theme for you this month as Mercury begins its retrograde in Cancer on June 18. Stories and secrets about your family or things that took place long ago may surface. Between Mars and Neptune’s meeting, the eclipse in truth-speaker Sagittarius, and Mercury retrograde, information that’s been hidden, kept secret, or glossed over is being revealed.

Mercury retrograde is the time to slow down. Issues concerning family, home, and living situation are up for review and reconsideration. You’re likely to run into people from your past, and you’re reminiscing about where you grew up—or remembering why you don’t want to return there. The general Mercury retrograde advice, as usual, is to avoid signing contracts, traveling, or making big purchases. This is because Mercury rules communication, commuting, and commerce, so its retrograde isn’t the time to move forward around these themes. That said, there’s still some forward movement taking place, especially in the realm of your career, as Mars connects with Pluto in Capricorn on June 18 and with lucky Jupiter in Capricorn on June 20. Your home life gets extra attention, too, as the sun enters Cancer on June 20, which also happens to be the solstice—make time to energetically cleanse your home! The solar eclipse in Cancer lands on June 21: This new moon is major for your home and family life, and a new cycle concerning these themes is beginning.

Eclipses are especially emotional periods, and Cancer is a sensitive water sign: You’re a tough person, Aries, but carve out plenty of room for you to be soft, to cry, and to rest during this time. Fear of the unknown may be coming up for you and your foundation is feeling shaky: Eclipses are turbulent and this one is activating such a private sector of your chart. I won’t tell you that everything happens for a reason, but I do want to validate any sadness or anger you’re feeling. I don’t know you, dear reader, but I’m holding you in my mind’s eye with tenderness and love and visualizing you wrapped in a blanket of peace and security. This eclipse in Cancer is all about family and the love of those closest to you: I hope you’re with, or soon get to be with, the people who love you and that you all can take care of each other.

You’re feeling especially sleepy as Neptune begins its retrograde on June 23, but you’re feeling an upbeat shift in energy as Venus ends its retrograde on June 25—expect some cute conversations to take place soon! Your ruling planet Mars enters your sign and connects with Saturn on June 28, bringing you a big boost in energy and finding you feeling like your fiery, fearless self! This is also a fantastic time to make plans and commitments and to connect with mentors, and you yourself are also offering your help and wisdom to groups and communities. June 30 is especially exciting for your career as Jupiter and Pluto meet: Your reach, popularity, and power have grown greatly, and you’re stepping into an important position to lead others. Mercury retrograde connects with Uranus and meets the sun, bringing unexpected news and an important insight concerning home, security, privacy and your boundaries. So much comes to light this month, Aries!

Good luck, and see you in July!

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