August 1, 2020

Serious conversations take place in your relationships as Mercury opposes Pluto. Hidden information comes to light and you’re learning a lot about the power dynamics between you and you partners. A shift in communication is needed.

The cosmic events behind this horoscope:

Cosmic Events

The moon in Capricorn mingles with electric Uranus at 2:56 AM, inspiring brilliant ideas, but serious topic are confronted as Mercury opposes Pluto at 6:49 AM. Now isn’t the time for mind games: Information is released. The moon clashes with Mars at 5:23 PM, so watch out for tempers, and the moon meets Jupiter at 7:57 PM, encouraging a free-spirited and generous attitude. The moon connects with intuitive Neptune at 8:55 PM, boosting creativity and empathy.

All times ET.

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