June 2020

You're reconnecting with your intuition this month.

Welcome to Gemini season, Cancer! The sun is lighting up a very private sector of your chart, finding you reconnecting with your intuition and inner voice. Catch up on rest and make time for your spiritual practice, too. Gemini is the sign of inquiry, and examining yourself and your subconscious through dream work, meditation, and therapy is a great way to work with the energy!

Love and money planet Venus is retrograde in Gemini at the start of the month, finding you reflecting on your secret feelings, fears, and desires. You’re reconsidering choices, and as Venus clashes with Mars in Pisces on June 2, you’re encouraged not to jump to conclusions and to hear out all the options before you. An important moment during Venus’s retrograde arrives on June 3 when it meets the sun, bringing to light a situation that you hadn’t been aware of or stirring up emotions that you may have been repressing or trying to rationalize away.

You’re a private person, Cancer, and this Venus retrograde has found you especially shy or craving privacy. You may be feeling more secretive than usual, but ask yourself this: If something must be done in secret, is it worth it? And if you are being put in a position by your circumstances to have to do things undercover, is it time for you to change things in your life so you don’t have to smooch your crush in the shadows? We all have our secrets, and having our own private spaces and fantasies is important—not everything is everyone’s business, after all! But as Venus moves through gossipy Gemini, do ask yourself if some changes need to be made.

Venus retrograde isn’t the only astrological highlight this month—there are also eclipses! Eclipses are highly emotional times for everyone, but they’re especially so for you, Cancer, since you’re ruled by the moon. Eclipses are all about destiny: If you’re not on your correct path, eclipses can come and reorganize everything, which can be quite discombobulating! Have you been focusing your energy at work in the wrong places or engaging in habits that aren’t healthy for you? If so, the full moon eclipse on June 5 in Sagittarius pulls the plug on these activities. You’re clearly seeing the impact of your daily choices. Little things add up in a big way, and you’re now challenged to dump bad habits. Communication planet Mercury, currently in your sign, also makes a helpful connection with genius Uranus in Taurus on this day, finding you making unexpected social connections and helping you come up with brilliant problem-solving ideas. Just watch out for slow communication as the sun clashes with Mars on June 6 and with Neptune in Pisces on June 11, as well as when Mars meets Neptune on June 13. On one hand, the mood is impatient—Mars is all about aggression—but Neptune in Pisces’s lazy influence creates a murky, sluggish atmosphere. This isn’t the best time to have an important conversation, but it’s a great time to meditate, journal, or lean into your spiritual practice.

Mercury retrograde begins in your sign on June 18, slowing things down once again. Avoid starting new projects (but do pick up old ones), signing contacts, traveling, or making important purchases because Mercury rules commerce, communication, and commuting! Mercury is the planet of the mind, and as it moves backward in your sign, you’re rethinking the conversations and decisions you’ve made over the last few weeks. The mood is especially introspective; you’re reconnecting with the past, likely running into old friends, or reconnecting—perhaps through old journals or photos—with parts of yourself that you left behind in the past.

While things have slowed down around communication, exciting ideas are still being shared on June 18 as Mars connects with Pluto in Capricorn and June 20, when Mars connects with Jupiter in Capricorn: Circle these days on your calendar as being powerful for conversations with your partners. Also, happy solar return! Your season begins on June 20 with the sun entering your sign, invigorating you with inspiration and creativity. A profound fresh start takes place with the solar eclipse in Cancer on June 21. This supercharged new moon is a powerful time for you to wipe the slate clean, give yourself a makeover, and to approach life and your relationships with a new attitude. Eclipses are all about destiny: If you haven’t been on the right track, this eclipse will shake up your life, removing situations that no longer serve you and pointing you in the direction you need to head.

Neptune begins its retrograde on June 23, finding you especially inspired to explore your spirituality, and Venus ends its retrograde on June 25, helping you move forward in themes concerning love, money, beauty, and your values—particularly those in your private life. Mars enters fire sign Aries and connects with Saturn on June 28, revving up the sector of your chart that rules your career and finding you connecting with mentors and authority figures who are interested in investing in your talents and future.

The end of the month is especially powerful for your partnerships as Jupiter meets Pluto, finding you and those you’re in relationships with overcoming obstacles. A major growth spurt takes place and it’s a deeply intense bonding moment. Control issues may pop up; however, you’re big enough to handle whatever comes your way. Partnerships will be strengthened at this time, or you may find that you have grown out of them! When Mercury retrograde connects with Uranus and meets the sun, you’re reconnecting with friends and making important realizations—Mercury retrograde is bringing you information you may have previously missed!

Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in July!

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