June 2020

The sun in detail-oriented Gemini helps you get organized this month.

Welcome to Gemini season, Capricorn! The sun in detail-oriented Gemini is helping you get organized as the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines and rituals is activated. Venus is also retrograde in Gemini at the start of this month, asking you to reconsider your everyday regimen—do the skin care products in your medicine cabinet still work for you? Does the exercise routine you have still challenge you, or do you need to start getting more physical activity? Does the routine you have with your lovers work for you? And at work, do you feel supported and valued? What do you value in your day-to-day life? Venus retrograde in Gemini, plus the sun in Gemini, are asking you to reconsider how you spend your days and to get really clear on things. Gemini is an inquisitive air sign—don’t be afraid to act like a little kid, dear goat, and ask “why” about everything to everyone!

You’re making a sharp turn in direction on June 2 when Venus clashes with Mars in Pisces. A conversation takes place that changes everything, a decision is made, and you’re going after what you want! An important step in Venus retrograde’s journey arrives on June 3 when Venus meets the sun, and the perspective you gain at this time will help you make better choices about who and what you want to spend your energy on. There are only so many hours in the day and you simply need to fill them with activities that are meaningful to you.

Our first eclipse of the month arrives on June 5, the full moon in Sagittarius. Eclipses are emotionally turbulent periods, and you, dear Capricorn, may have been repressing feelings that will now surface. Secrets surface, too: Whatever’s been hidden will be revealed by the light of this full moon! Eclipses are all about the truth, and with this one in blunt fire sign Sagittarius, obscured truths are being brought to your attention. You may see this truth through a newspaper headline, but it’s just as likely to come as a message in one of your dreams. This is an especially potent moment for you to connect with your inner voice and for dream work, so take notes on the symbols that come to you in both your sleeping and waking lives. You may find yourself especially tired during this time, so don’t overbook yourself! Also on June 5, communication planet Mercury in empathetic Pisces connects with brilliant Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus, creating a hugely creative and unexpectedly flirtatious atmosphere. You’re someone who likes to make plans and isn’t into surprises and being spontaneous, but it may be worth it to go with the flow and see where it takes you.

Changes and reveals continue to take place as the sun clashes with Mars on June 6, but confusion may arise as the sun clashes with Neptune on June 11. Mars meets Neptune on June 13, which may be an especially lazy moment. Mars is all about doing things in a straightforward fashion, but Neptune shoots its shot by daydreaming. When these two planets meet, the mood is “meh” at best and paranoid at worst. The eclipse will expose many important truths, but not absolutely everything you hear is fact, so take things slowly and don’t jump to conclusions. Know your needs and boundaries, do your due diligence by investigating news or gossip that comes your way, and you’ll get through this tricky moment!

Mercury begins its retrograde in your opposite sign Cancer on June 18, finding you and your partners (in love, business, and otherwise) reconsidering conversations and decisions that were discussed since the Mercury retrograde shadow period began on June 2. Mercury retrograde is an inopportune time to sign contracts, make decisions, travel, or make big purchases; however, it’s a great time to slow down, pick up projects that were put on the back burner, and reconnect with your past. Emotional conversations and the desire for closure may come up. Expect to run into people from your past.

Also on June 18, Mars makes a harmonious connection with the lord of the underworld, Pluto, currently in your sign, Capricorn. On June 20, Mars connects with Jupiter, also in your sign, finding you having deep, intense conversations. The planet of the mind, Mercury, may be moving backward, but the information you’re receiving is still quite revealing. Mars is all about taking action, and the connections it makes with Pluto and Jupiter will help you make wise choices with deep impact. You’re feeling especially powerful at this time!

June 20 also marks the beginning of Cancer season—happy solstice! Cancer season is all about partnerships for you, and a destined new cycle arrives in your relationships with the solar eclipse in Cancer (a new moon!) on June 21. Important new relationships, or a renewal in your partnerships, is taking place. Nothing is ever the same after an eclipse; this can be bittersweet, and the eclipse in Cancer is especially sensitive about letting go of the past. But, dear Capricorn, you know that new beginnings mean a chance to build something new on a stronger foundation. You’re able to take your wisdom—all the lessons you learned from past mistakes—to create something even better. This is a brilliant, if emotional, time to create a new dynamic in your relationships and start a new journey with your partners. Just watch out for confusion around communication as Neptune begins its retrograde on June 23! Do, however, enjoy the shift in energy concerning love, money, beauty, and the choices you have to make as Venus ends its retrograde on June 25.

Mars enters Aries and connects with Saturn on June 28, revving up the home and family sector of your chart, finding you making renovations and taking action in issues concerning your living situation. Mars’s connection with your ruling planet Saturn bodes well for financial planning and for creating security and stability. June 30 finds Jupiter and Pluto meeting in your sign, finding you stepping into a powerful new position of leadership. You’ve outgrown so much in your life and you’re feeling yourself elevate in a major way—you’re just totally over things that used to weigh you down! You’ve gained so much perspective on what’s important and now feel a sense of humor or neutral ease about petty things that used to bother you. With this newfound clarity, you’re taking on greater problems and finding yourself in the position to effect real change in society. Also on June 30, Mercury retrograde connects with Uranus and meets the sun, making for an exciting, experimental atmosphere. An important perspective or conversation takes place in your relationships.

Good luck this month, Capricorn, and see you in July!

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