November 8, 2019

Your focus turns to friendship as the moon enters Aries. It's a powerful day to make your dreams a reality as the sun, Saturn, and Neptune all align. It's an especially creative time in your career that's also potent for emotional healing! 

The cosmic events behind this horoscope:

Cosmic Events

The moon enters bright and sunny fire sign Aries at 6:49 AM, encouraging us to be bold. The sun connects with Saturn at 12:06 PM, inspiring a supportive and hardworking atmosphere, and our intuitions get a boost as the sun connects with Neptune at 12:57 PM. It's a wonderful time to focus on your spiritual practice. Grounded Saturn connects with mystical Neptune at 9:51 PM, creating a supportive and empathetic atmosphere. This is a powerful time to manifest your dreams—Neptune is all about our fantasies, and Saturn knows how to make things real.

All times ET.

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