January 24, 2020

New adventures are on the way thanks to the new moon in Aquarius! You're refocusing on your studies, too, and this is an exciting time to explore new topics. A breakthrough takes place today, and you're connecting with your intuition and inner voice on a new level. Despite the new adventures beginning, make time to rest!

The cosmic events behind this horoscope:

Cosmic Events

The moon enters air sign Aquarius at 8:20 AM, encouraging us to take a risk—a fresh start is here thanks to the new moon at 4:42 PM! But first, a crisis spurs us to reexamine our feelings about a situation and perhaps make an abrupt change as the moon clashes with Uranus at 1:34 PM. The new moon in Aquarius inspires innovation and emotional detachment as we navigate a new cycle.

All times ET.

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