August 3, 2020

The mood is serious as your ruling planet Mercury opposes Saturn, and there may be some blocks around communication today. But important information still comes to light thanks to the full moon in Aquarius.

The cosmic events behind this horoscope:

Cosmic Events

The moon in Aquarius clashes with Uranus at 9:52 AM, bringing surprises. The energy is high today thanks to the full moon which lands at 11:59 AM: The atmosphere is emotionally charged, but we’re also taking a step back to consider our situation from a detached perspective. The sun is in Leo, the sign of the performer...what are you witnessing at this time? Are you giving yourself space to take in what’s being shown to you? Mercury opposes Saturn at 5:00 PM, reminding us to be patient and good listeners as blocks around communication take place.

All times ET.

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