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August 2020

Welcome to one of your favorite times of the year!

Leo season is one of your favorite times of the year! The sun is illuminating the communication sector of your chart, bringing plenty of news, gossip, and excitement, and you’re reconnecting with your siblings and neighbors. As lovely and connected as Leo season is, August does begin on an intense note this year: Important, heavy conversations—especially concerning finances—take place and previously concealed information comes to light as Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn on August 1. Pluto may lurk in the shadows, but your ruling planet Mercury has no problem digging through a dumpster for discarded details. The sun clashes with Uranus in Taurus on August 2, bringing unexpected news and possibly finding you making an unexpected change of mind! Though you’re feeling tired of routine, it’s important at this time that you slow down and step away from screens, as well as that extra cup of coffee. The energy is so wired right now. Make time to rest your mind and meditate—absolutely brilliant ideas will come!

The full moon in fellow air sign Aquarius lands on August 3, illuminating even more hidden information and bringing a conversation that’s been brewing to a climax. Full moons are emotional periods, but cool and aloof Aquarius is helping you look at things in a detached way. Full moons are about release and, at this time, you’re letting go of an old way of thinking or finally getting something off your chest. That said, though more information is coming to light, you may find that there are blocks in communication, especially concerning money, as Mercury opposes Saturn in Capricorn on this day. There’s an air of rejection in the atmosphere, so this isn’t the time to ask for favors. It’s just time to collect and share information.

The pace picks up as Mars squares off with Jupiter in Capricorn on August 4, and this is an exciting moment in your social life. Projects are taking off! But do watch out for a competitive atmosphere. Also on this day, your ruling planet Mercury enters fire sign Leo, helping you stay focused and giving you a boost in confidence around communication—you’re speaking fearlessly and passionately! Venus then enters Cancer on August 7, bringing blessings to the financial sector of your chart. This is a great time to ask for a raise, and some presents may also be coming your way! You’re showing love and affection at this time by how you receive and give gifts.

Unexpected news arrives as Mercury clashes with Uranus on August 10—you may have had an intuitive hunch about things! The energy on this day may be erratic, so slow down, step away from screens, and limit your caffeine intake. Let your mind rest and wander…the most creative, brilliant ideas come up that way, anyway! But watch out for disruption in your social life on August 13 when tempers flare as Mars in Aries clashes with Pluto. You’ll get a clear sense of what your community’s values are at this time—and it might make you quite angry. There’s much to be upset about, so do honor your rage in healthy ways and don’t repress it!

Uranus begins its retrograde on August 15, bringing some unusual dreams, so take note of the symbols that appear in your sleep—this is a powerful time to explore your subconscious! The sun, Mercury, and Mars align on August 16 and August 17, making for a busy moment in your social life and around communication. A “galaxy brain” moment also takes place during this planetary alignment: You’re understanding something on a new level! You’re also making many new decisions and realization this month, especially as the new moon in Leo lands on August 18, which marks the beginning of a new conversation and a new way of thinking about things. On a more mundane level, this new moon will also mark a new cycle around themes concerning your neighborhood. This is an especially creative new moon as Venus mingles with electric Uranus, helping you manifest your visions into reality in unexpected ways.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters down-to-earth Virgo on August 19, as does the sun on August 22, bringing your attention to your home and family life. As you’re handling paperwork concerning your living situation, this is also a great time to energetically cleanse your home. Clean out your pantry—it’s time to get rid of items in your home that you’re not using, you don’t need, or aren’t nourishing you. Virgo energy tends to be quite minimalist—and so are you, dear Gemini! Clear out your space so you have more mental room to be creative, calm, and clear-headed at home.

Important issues concerning your values and your vision for the future are considered on August 24 when Mars clashes with Saturn, but you’re facing resistance. Now isn’t the time to push conversations, especially concerning finances. You may decide to cut ties with someone—there’s an atmosphere of rejection—but this is also a powerful time to strategize long-term solutions to problems, especially if you are in debt, dealing with tax issues, or trying to raise money for yourself or a cause you deeply believe in.

Unexpected, yet helpful, information comes on August 25 when Mercury mingles with Uranus whileVenus opposes Jupiter, bringing big opportunities for wealth! Lovely Venus and generous Jupiter may bring some fantastic gifts your way at this time. Venus then makes a harmonious connection with Neptune in Pisces on August 27, making for a marvelous moment in your career: You’re feeling especially glamorous, creative, and inspired! A boost in your reputation arrives. Later, your ruling planet Mercury mingles with expansive Jupiter on August 29, bringing you a deep feeling of spiritual connectivity; you’re understanding why things happened the way they did and are experiencing a sense of peace—or, you’re at least seeing the big picture and feeling secure in how you will handle things.

A tricky moment arrives at the end of the month as Venus opposes Pluto and Mercury opposes Neptune on August 30. Venus loves love, but Pluto is the planet of obsession. Mercury is all about mental clarity, but Neptune is the planet of illusions. These planets in opposition will find you confronting issues concerning cash and security, jealousy, and secrecy. Compromise is key, but so is bringing in help from unbiased outsiders, like a family therapist or a manager at work you trust, who can help call out BS and keep people accountable. Good luck this month, Gemini, and see you in September!

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