June 2020

You're connecting with new friends and communities this month, dear Leo.

Welcome to Gemini season, Leo! The sun is illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your social life, inspiring you to connect with old friends, network in new communities, and get more involved in the hobbies you enjoy. Gemini season finds you getting involved politically with causes you’re passionate about, while the sun also lights up the sector of your chart that rules your hopes and dreams for the future. With Venus retrograde in Gemini, you’re being encouraged to reconsider what’s truly important to you: What do you love and what do you want? You may have outgrown some of the wishes you used to dream of, and you’re realizing you have new values and are in a different place mentally and emotionally. You’re also reflecting on the dynamic in your social circle and reconsidering who you associate with.

As Venus clashes with Mars in Pisces on June 2, the mood is flirty; however, you’re realizing just how impatient you are for something or how intensely someone in your life feels. An important moment in Venus retrograde’s journey arrives on June 3, when Venus meets your ruling planet, the sun: You’re realizing how important the intellectual connection you share with others is, and wanting a chiller, cooler, and more detached energy in your social life. You’re thinking long-term, but you don’t want to be bogged down—you need the space and flexibility to experiment with all your options. Exploring your options and examining choices is a big theme for this Venus retrograde, so don’t cut yourself off from being able to experiment.

The full moon eclipse in fellow fire sign Sagittarius arrives on June 5, bringing a situation concerning your love life or your creative efforts to a climax. Eclipses are emotionally sensitive periods for everyone, but especially for you, Leo, since you are ruled by the sun—the source of light illuminating the moon in the sky and revealing important truths down here on earth. Sagittarius is all about the truth—you’ve likely heard astrologers comment on how blunt this sign is, so expect some very straightforward communication. Eclipses are also all about fate: There’s a destined feeling in the air, and if you’re fooling around with the wrong people or wasting time on a project that isn’t aligned with your purpose, you can expect the eclipse in the sign of the centaur to stomp all over it. Also on this day, communication planet Mercury mingles with genius Uranus in Taurus, bringing unexpected news.

The sun clashes with Mars on June 6, creating an impulsive atmosphere; however, the sun clashes with Neptune in Pisces on June 11, creating a sluggish vibe, which continues as Mars meets Neptune on June 13. Mars is the planet of war, but Neptune of delusion: Keep paranoia in check and watch out for shady behavior.

Mercury retrograde begins in Cancer on June 18, finding you especially sleepy! Mercury retrograde is all about slowing down your mind. Cut down on time spent looking at screens or doing mentally heavy work—it’s time to rest! Mercury rules commerce, communication, and our commutes, so avoid making big purchases, traveling, making new commitments, or signing contracts. Forgotten memories may resurface and you may run into people from the past or share some secrets. Also on June 18, Mars connects with Pluto in Capricorn, which bodes well for breaking bad habits. Mars mingles with lucky Jupiter in Capricorn on June 20, bringing a helpful boost in energy for getting your work done. Also on June 20, Cancer season begins—happy solstice! This is a powerful time for you to do dream work, meditate, and lean into your spiritual practice. Your intuitive abilities are heightened.

The solar eclipse in Cancer, a powerful new moon bringing repressed emotions to the surface, arrives on June 21. Secrets are revealed and surprising events take place. Cancer is a very private, emotional sign: This eclipse asks you to carve out more personal time for yourself and encourages you to let your emotions flow. This isn’t the eclipse to try to “hold it all in,” or else you may experience quite a dramatic release!

Neptune begins its retrograde on June 23, finding you feeling especially sensitive about your intimate relationships and exploring boundaries between you and your partners not just in romance, but also in business or any realm of life. Venus ends its retrograde on June 25, finding you feeling more confident about the choices you have to make—especially in regard to your social life. Warrior planet Mars enters fellow fire sign Aries and connects with Saturn in Aquarius on June 28, finding you and your partners planning important commitments, as well as finding you tackling issues concerning travel and education.

The planet of growth, Jupiter, meets power planet Pluto on June 30, creating a fantastically transformative atmosphere that’s fantastic for breaking bad habits, since these two planets will be activating the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines and rituals. This is also a powerful moment for your career, as an important gig or project may come your way, or you may generally be making an important change to your daily routine. Also on this day, Mercury retrograde connects with wildcard Uranus and meets the sun, finding you tapping into a deep well of creativity and intuitive knowing—pay attention to the psychic insights that arrive at the end of the month!

Good luck this month, Leo, and see you in July!

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