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February 2020

Welcome to Aquarius season, dear Pisces!

It’s nearly your solar return, Pisces! But first, the sun has to finish its journey through Aquarius, which will find your already strong intuition getting an even bigger boost. Expect your dreams to be more active and for emotions you may have repressed to surface. There’s lots of inner work and transformation—Aquarius energy is all about progress! So, if you’ve been feeling stuck, you may be craving more time alone than usual and the mood might be quite sleepy. A lot of change is taking place within you that will benefit you in the long term.

February opens with sweet Venus in your sign connecting with Pluto, the planet of the underworld, in Capricorn, on February 2. You’re feeling sexy as hell! The fires of Hades brings a burst of passion to your life, and this bodes especially well for your social life. You may connect with some very intriguing people, not just sexually, but on an intellectual level, too.

Communication planet Mercury enters your sign on February 3, finding you in a more expressive, chatty mood—the world is on your poetic wavelength! Mercury is a precise, detail-oriented planet, but in your sign, it can hang with metaphors and fantasies. A boost in your social life arrives, and you’re eager to open lines of communication. Venus also connects with Saturn in Capricorn on February 3, helping you set plans in stone and bringing assistance your way. A group or community may offer some solid support at this time. It’s also a lovely time to discuss future plans with partners.

Communication planet Mercury connects with Uranus, the planet of genius, in Taurus on February 5, bringing exciting news! An “a-ha” moment arrives, and things are finally clicking into place as an unexpected and helpful message comes. You might have a hard time staying focused because so much movement is happening! Astrologers have accused you of being ditzy in the past, and it’s true that you might be a little more flighty than usual. But the ideas you’re brewing up are especially innovative, so we’ll see who has the last laugh!

Sweet Venus enters fiery Aries on February 7, bringing blessings to the financial sector of your chart. This is a brilliant time to ask for a raise or get the goods you’ve been craving. Venus in confident Aries gives you the courage you need to ask for what you want. Venus is the planet of beauty, and this is a fun time for you to shop or give and receive gifts. But on a deeper level, Venus is about values, and as it moves through Aries, you’re being called to figure out what truly matters to you, especially in the realm of security, wealth, and abundance.

The full moon in Leo lands on February 9, bringing about the culmination of a project you have been devoting yourself to. A shift in your day job or daily routine may take place, and items are being crossed off your to-do list. This is an especially powerful full moon for releasing bad habits! In your love life, this full moon highlights your partners’ blindspots: Gently make them aware of how they can better work with you day to day!

The moon is in fellow water sign Scorpio on Valentine’s Day, inspiring an adventurous, fun, and loving mood. It’s a lovely time to get out of town with your partners. Mercury retrograde begins and Mars enters Capricorn on February 16, kicking up the energy in your social life; however, you’re finding you need to slow down as Mercury retrograde brings miscommunications and delays. Avoid making important purchases or signing contracts at this time, and watch out for running into people from your past! Mars in Capricorn finds you eager to connect with groups and communities that work toward causes you’re passionate about, but things may take longer than usual because of Mercury retrograde. Use the energy to reconnect with people and pick up projects that have been on the back burner instead.

Your season begins on February 18! The sun moving through your sign reinvigorates you; you’re coming out of the cocoon you’ve been morphing inside of, ready to tackle the coming year. Your two ruling planets, Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, mingle on February 20, which bodes very well for your social life. This is a wonderful time to connect with a group that resonates with you on a spiritual level. Your powers of manifestation are heightened and it’s a brilliant time for making wishes and dreaming up ideas for the future. You may meet or reconnect with people at this time who share your love of magic, mystery, and creativity.

Action planet Mars in Capricorn connects with Uranus on February 21, bringing a boost in energy and impulsivity. Expect surprising news to come your way, since people will have a hard time staying quiet about things! The sun connects with Uranus on February 22, inspiring a free-spirited atmosphere, which will be lovely for experimentation. Unexpected news is also likely to arrive.

The new moon in Pisces arrives and Venus squares off with Jupiter on February 23, making for an indulgent atmosphere! An exciting social event may take place at this time, and you would be wise to attend—you’re feeling popular and appreciated! Your social circle is expanding, and the new moon in your sign finds you reconnecting with your heart’s desires. On a mundane level, this is a fantastic time to update your wardrobe. But this new moon also has deep spiritual implications. This is a powerful time to sit with yourself, reflect on your tolerance for the unknown, and build your strength in being confident when things are up in the air. You’re very psychic, but who is to say what the future will bring? This new moon wants you to connect with that core part of yourself that’s present.

The sun connects with Mars on February 24 and meets Mercury retrograde on February 25, bringing a boost in energy and clarity on an issue you have been reconsidering. Mercury retrograde connects with Mars on February 26, moving conversations forward at a quicker pace than usual for a retrograde—however; realize that the terms or agreements may change in the future, so avoid making important decisions if you can.

The month wraps up with Venus clashing with Pluto and Mercury retrograde connecting with Uranus on February 28, bringing unexpected news and finding you thinking back to February 5. Be mindful about the power dynamics in your social life: Trust your gut if someone seems shady, and bring an unbiased third party to help mediate any issues. Good luck this month, Pisces, and see you in March!

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