June 2020

Decisions big and small are up for review at this time, dear Pisces.

Welcome to Gemini season, Pisces! The sun is illuminating the home and family sector of your chart, finding you reflecting on your living situation, sprucing up your home, spending time with family, and even connecting with the past and your ancestors. June opens with Venus retrograde in Gemini, asking you to reconsider what’s important to you. Venus is the planet of beauty and harmony, but it also rules valuables and our values; when it’s retrograde in inquisitive Gemini, you’re called to question your values. As Venus retrograde in Gemini activates that home and family sector of your chart, it asks you to get clear on what you need in your living situation and from family; what traditions you want to hold on to; and what you need in terms of privacy, boundaries, space, and togetherness. You may be considering—or reconsidering—living with a partner, and on a more mundane level, you’re rethinking the decorations you have in your living space. Decisions big and small are up for review, and Venus in chatty Gemini encourages you to share your feelings about it all!

You’re especially eager to express yourself as Venus clashes with Mars, currently in your sign, on June 2. Venus meets the sun on June 3, finding you making an important choice. The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is on June 5, bringing a big culmination to a situation concerning your career or life in public. So much of your focus this month is on your personal life, but this full moon will reveal important information concerning your career and professional goals. An exciting reward or recognition of some kind may arrive, but there may also be shake-ups concerning power and authority. Sagittarius is a righteous sign that’s deeply concerned with the “truth,” and full moons are all about release—especially during an eclipse! The centaur’s bow will be releasing a powerful arrow of truth that will land in the most public sector of your chart, Pisces, making this a critical time for your career and legacy. Also during this eclipse, Mercury in Cancer mingles with Uranus in Taurus, which bodes well for communication and your social life, bringing excitement and a boost in communication and experimentation.

The sun clashes with Mars on June 6 and with your ruling planet Neptune, which is currently in your sign, on June 11, creating an argumentative and confusing atmosphere. This is further amplified when Mars meets Neptune on June 13. You’ve reached your limit with a situation but aren’t sure how to proceed. Watch out for lazy behavior, passive aggression, and dishonesty. You may feel frustrated and misunderstood during this time. Take things slowly and avoid making commitments.

The pace continues to slow down as Mercury begins its retrograde in Cancer on June 18, activating the romance and creativity sector of your chart and finding you running into past crushes and returning to creative projects you had to set aside. Because Mercury rules commerce, communication, and commuting, avoid making important purchases, signing contracts, or traveling—give yourself extra time for delays or misunderstandings! But if you’re thinking about texting an ex? Go for it! Mercury retrograde in caring Cancer is a great time to reminisce and get closure. A message you previously missed, or an item that had been lost, may be found. Perhaps love can even be found again!

Mars also connects with power planet Pluto in Capricorn on June 18 and mingles with lucky Jupiter on June 20, which not only bodes well for your social life, but also finds you making an important impact in your community or concerning causes you’re passionate about! Also on June 20, the solstice arrives as the sun enters Cancer. The sun is illuminating a playful, flirtatious sector of your chart, and a radical fresh start concerning these themes arrives with the solar eclipse in Cancer on June 21. New moons are new beginnings, and this one is especially exciting for your love life and creative pursuits. There’s a fated feeling about eclipses: Whether or not you believe in destiny, you may have some moments during this eclipse when you feel like something was meant to be. But eclipses are also turbulent periods. There’s something you’re letting go of and the future is uncertain, but it’s crucial you lean into pleasure and have fun as much as you can at this time. Fill your day with as much joy as possible: Enjoy nature, connect with the children in your life, flirt up a storm, or dance all night long.

Your ruling planet Neptune begins its retrograde on June 23, bringing a boost to your intuitive abilities and finding you a bit sleepier. You’re playing with the concept of glamour during this time—it could be a fun moment for a photoshoot. Venus ends its retrograde on June 25, helping you move forward with decisions concerning your personal life. The financial sector of your chart is revved up as Mars enters Aries and mingles with Saturn, the planet of responsibility, on June 28. Make time to reconsider your budget—you may realize new ways to cut back on spending or new sources of income that you previously didn’t consider or have access to until now.

An especially powerful moment in your social life arrives as Jupiter meets Pluto on June 30. Your circle is expanding in brilliant ways: You’re connecting with people in power and feeling like a VIP yourself. Pisces people are very aware of the power communities have to change the world, and Jupiter and Pluto’s meeting will supercharge any work you’re doing socially and politically. Also on June 30, Mercury retrograde connects with Uranus, bringing unexpected information, and meets the sun, bringing you an important perspective concerning your love life and creative pursuits.

Good luck this month, Pisces, and see you in July!

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