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July 2020

You're reconnecting with people from your past.

Welcome to Cancer season, Pisces! The sun is illuminating a playful and creative sector of your chart, bringing romance and inspiration your way! This is a lovely time for celebrations; however, with Mercury retrograde in Cancer, you may also be running into some delays in communication or misunderstandings, so take things slowly. You’re also likely running into past loves and old creative collaborators. We’ve all seen the advice not to text your ex during Mercury retrograde, but as I’ve said in the past for you, dear Pisces, this is a great time to reconnect with someone from your past because Mercury retrograde is in fellow water sign Cancer, activating such a cute sector of your chart! A second chance comes—just be patient because things don’t happen quickly (or logically, for that matter) during Mercury retrograde. If you’re not seeking closure and don’t have any desire to rekindle any flames? This Mercury retrograde is also a great time to pick back up a creative activity you haven’t done in a while or to (virtually) party with friends at old haunts!

An especially adventurous moment arrives on July 1 with the sun mingling with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of genius, and some brilliant, surprising ideas are being discussed. Saturn also reenters Capricorn on this day, finding you reexamining your boundaries with your friends, as well as reflecting on how you can better serve your community. Saturn is the planet of maturity and, indeed, you will be called to be your most responsible self as the lunar eclipse in Capricorn lands on July 5, finding drama popping up in your social life. Lunar eclipses are supercharged full moons, so lots of release is taking place at this time. What used to be important to you simply isn’t anymore, and with that, your friend group, your love life, and your hopes and dreams for the future are changing. Eclipses have a fated feeling about them and things are never the same again: The people, projects, and situations you’re saying goodbye to have taught you important lessons, and it’s now time to move on. Full moons illuminate important information, and eclipses reveal secrets and show us the world in a way where we can never look at it the same again. Capricorn energy is all about being solid, forward climbing, and stoic, but it’s Cancer season, so we’ve all been a little wobbly and emotional. Let yourself feel, but don’t forget you have a future in front of you as you mourn the past.

Watch out for arguments and impatience, especially concerning money, on July 8 as Mercury clashes with Mars in Aries. Delays and miscommunications begin to ease up on July 12 as Mercury ends its retrograde; plus, the sun also mingles with your ruling planet Neptune, currently in your sign, on this day, making for an especially glamorous and romantic atmosphere! Neptune is the planet of fantasy and illusions. With a helpful connection from the sun, a symbol of truth and loyalty, Neptune’s finest qualities shine through! The energy is whimsical: Magic is in the air as you make out or make art. This dreamy atmosphere is wonderful for creativity, as well as for falling in love.

The sun opposes your other ruling planet, Jupiter, in Capricorn, on July 14 and Pluto, also in Capricorn, on July 15, kicking up more tension in your social life as confrontations and compromises take place. A lucky atmosphere flows, but so do some power struggles. A new beginning in your love life arrives with the new moon in Cancer on July 20; however, a serious note is in the air as the sun opposes Saturn on this day, finding you and your partners seriously considering your hopes for the future. Cancer is all about nurture and protection, and you’re considering how to nourish your heart, creative process, and joy in your life.

You’re busy getting organized as Leo season begins on July 22, and excitement is in the air as Mercury connects with Uranus on July 22, bringing you a brilliant idea and unexpected news, as well as finding you thinking back to June 5 and June 30. Leo season may mean a new gig or daily routine for you; however, Uranus’s influence suggests things will be flexible. This is a great time to kick bad habits. Mercury clears its post-retrograde shadow on July 26, and finally, you’ll be done tying up the loose ends Mercury retrograde left you with. Fun, flirtation, and creativity are on the way!

Your two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, connect on July 27, finding you deeply in touch with your intuition and inner voice, branching out in brilliant ways, networking with inspiring people, and making wishes for the future which will be granted through the help of generous associates. Jupiter and Neptune are both planets of the sea, so make time to reconnect with your element, water. Also on this day, Venus in Gemini clashes with Neptune, so watch out for insecurity and overindulgence, as well as confusion concerning your home and family life. Bickering about money may take place as Mercury clashes with Mars; think back to July 8, as similar, or the same, themes may be up for discussion. Mercury then opposes Jupiter and connects with Neptune on July 30, making for a busy moment in your social life, as well as boosting your already strong intuitive abilities. This is a lovely time to engage in your spiritual practice and give back to your community. And while this is a fun moment to network and meet people, watch out for exaggerations or too-big promises! Keep things simple for now.

Good luck this month, Pisces, and see you in August!

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